Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jumping In: Initial Desk Concepts

We had less to go on for the desk area. David and Alysia needed space for their laptops, papers and printer. Other than that it was pretty much open, as far as how the space could be organized. We also started at a totally different point than with the shelves, to give David and Alysia different options of overall concept. We originally (and for a while thereafter) went with a wing-shaped design, trying different tricks to make the most of the limited space and prevent Alysia and David's chairs from bumping into each other. Towards that end, we envisioned an angled work area. We also played with secretary-style rollers as drawers and even as entire legs (with supports of course). Eventually we realized that it was just not going to work. Any legroom gained by angling the work area was lost due to the limits in desk width. After David and Alysia picked the slotted shelf concept and the somewhat-similar-in-look broken up desk concept, we realized that we needed to integrate the two. We also realized that all our clever but not quite functional solutions vis-a-vis leg room could be eliminated if we just put the two of them next to each other. In front of the gigantic beautiful window that they would love to look out of. So we plowed ahead and unified the designs. Next post: full scale cardboard and full speed ahead!

Check out the other concepts on our Flickr!

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